energy storage systems

Energy Storage Systems

20 kWh, 10 Year Storage Module

20 kWh, 10 Year Storage Module


We supply battery based energy storage systems to the residential and commercial sectors. We offer modularised lead acid systems which meet the performance, safety and environmental sustainability requirement of modern energy systems.

Our battery energy storage systems have been developed based on our technical knowledge of the following areas:

  • Electrical power system analysis and design
  • Power electronic converter development and application
  • Power system network control and management in real time
  • Lead acid battery systems specification and application
  • Battery real time monitoring

This long established knowledge has allowed us to develop expertise in the application of lead acid batteries. Our work has involved the installation and commissioning of large scale lead acid storage systems for use in power systems which require a critical power supply in order to mitigate disturbances with the normal power supply. We have designed Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) running in conjunction with standby diesel generation. A Power Management System (PMS) supervises diesel generator operation and the charging and discharging of the batteries in order to achieve the guaranteed performance and lifetime. In addition we have used dedicated Battery Management Systems (BMS) to obtain battery data to give an idea of battery State Of Charge (SOC) and electrical data. It is this knowledge that has assisted us to develop our own innovative energy storage systems.

Prototype Storage Cabinet Working with Home Office PV System

Prototype Storage Cabinet Working with Home Office PV System

We produce both AC and DC storage systems whose unique control system features means they can also offer Energy Management System functionality. The figure shows our 20kWh, minimum 10 year installation life commercial offering. Due to its modular design it can be interconnected to provide larger capacity systems in both indoor and outdoor locations. The system has been designed in order that a client can operate their electrical network in the most cost effective manner whilst taking added benefit from grid revenue streams.

We have selected lead acid batteries based on their long term application in electrical power systems. Historically lead acid batteries have performed in a safe manner whilst achieving adequate performance for the desired application. This allows us to offer a safe battery system in compliance with existing health and safety legislation. In addition we offer our clients an environmental closed loop process for the application of our lead acid systems. All our batteries can be recycled at the end of their project life meaning the batteries comply with sustainability practices adopted by many clients in the operation of their energy infrastructure. Modern advanced lead acid batteries offer similar cyclic performance to other battery technologies on the market today. This results in lower space requirements with respect to traditional lead acid batteries. Coupled with high levels of safety and sustainability makes the lead acid based battery storage system able to meet all the requirements of the client.

Residential Energy Storage Systems

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Commercial Energy Storage Systems

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