electrical power systems

Electrical Power Systems


The foundation of all our services is our expert knowledge in electrical power systems. Our personnel have worked on installation, testing, commissioning, analysis and design of electrical power systems. This has included system voltages from Extra High Voltage (EHV) to Low Voltage (LV). So having vast experience in the practical implementation of electricity networks and their analysis and design puts us in a prime position to fulfil our client’s requirements.

We have considerable experience in the traditional power system sectors of Generation, Transmission and Distribution. This is coupled with extensive knowledge of oil and gas power systems where we have been involved in the electrical analysis and design of some of the most complex power systems in operation today. Our personnel have also been heavily involved with the connection of renewable energy schemes since the infancy of renewable energy generation. This has involved detailed research into electricity grid constraints which minimise the installed capacity of renewable energy schemes and Distributed Generation (DG).


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